Event: Operation Gelding – FREE Surgery Clinic

Operation Gelding – FREE Surgery Clinic

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your Stallion gelded!  Safe Harbor in partnership with Stable and Stock Veterinary Services is thrilled to once again offer a FREE Gelding Clinic.

If you have a stallion, sign up, bring your horse and the castration service will be done free of charge by a licensed large animal veterinarian at our training center.  Discount coggins, vaccinations and wolf teeth removal will be available for horses being gelded.

To be eligible:

  1. Complete the sign up form below.
  2. Your horse must be a stallion with two descended testicals.
  3. Your horse must be halter broke.
  4. You must bring your horse for your scheduled appointment.
Operation Gelding Registration
2019 FREE Castration Clinic Sign Up Form
If more than 3 please complete a second application for your next group of animals to reserve more than one appointment time. Maximum of 3 horses. ponies, or donkeys may have appointments reserved with one form.
We will try to honor requests for appointment times--requesting your time is not a guarantee. We will contact you before March 23rd to schedule your exact appointment time.