Event: Mini Madness

Mini Madness

This is it!  The adoption event you have been waiting for!  Just apply to adopt a mini from October 31, 2018 to November 30, 2018 and you’ll enjoy a reduced adoption fee of just $100!  This adoption fee discount applies to all mini horses in Safe Harbor for the entire event!

All adoptable animals are current on shots, coggins, dewormer, veterinary and farrier care.

Standard adoption policies apply, and application to adopt does not guarantee approval.  This is a 1 month only event!  All available minis may not be shown on the website, so please inquire as to current availability.


About My Farm or Boarding Facility

What I'm Looking For, And My Adoption Ideas

My Support Team

Important: To help speed up your adoption application, please let your support team know that you have applied to adopt, an that you authorize them to release information to us. We will call your vet and farrier for references when we process your application.

Your Current Herd

Please only list animals you had personal responsibility for day to day care for as an adult. If none, just write none.
If none, write none. For those you still have please include species, age, gender, and whether pet lives indoors or outdoors.
If you have never sold or given away an animal just write N/A.

Almost Done - Just a Little Housekeeping