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THIS AGREEMENT is made on this June 18, 2021day By and between   , hereinafter referred to as the “owner” and herein after referred to as the “new owner”, and Safe Harbor Sanctuary  hereinafter referred to as “the organization”.

New Owner agrees to make a donation of  as requested by former owner.  Safe Harbor is not the current owner of the horse described above, and Safe Harbor makes no warranties on the current health, temperament, veterinary history, farrier history, handling, character or temperament of the horse described above.  No goods or services of value are transferring between Safe Harbor and donor, so such donation is tax deductible under IRS guidelines.

New Owner understands and agrees that the equine identified in this contract has certain rights, responsibilities and obligations under the contract between organization and former owner.  The right, responsibilities and obligations are transferable for the life of the horse, and are further described as follows:

  1. Horse may not be sold, given away, sold for slaughter,auctioned or removed from Owner’s personal supervision and control without written approval of the Organization.
  2. Owner agrees to meet the Organizations standards of care for said equine, maintaining good nutritional health, vet care, vaccinations, worming, dental care and hoof care.  Basic standards of care require that a horse meet with a qualified farrier no less than once every 8 weeks and with a licensed large animal veterinarian no less than once per year.  Horse shall be fed an appropriate diet to maintain a BCS of 4-6 on the Henneke scale.  If horse is unable to maintain a BCS level of 4 or exhibiting lameness,  a vet will be consulted, and veterinary instructions not limited to dietary changes, diagnostic testing, medications, physical therapy and/or humane euthanasia will be followed.
  3. Should the Owner decide that the equine is no longer wanted for any reason, Owner understands that the Organization will assist with placement in another home, while Owner continues to provide quality care for the equine.  The organizations adoption contract is a lifelong contract, and transfer of the horse to another owner requires written approval of the rescue, and the new home must sign an adoptive home transfer agreement identical to this document.  Approval for transfer shall not be unreasonable withheld, and the current owner of the horse shall have financial discretion and authority of the terms of the adoptive home transfer, once the owner and location of transfer is approved by the organization.
  4. Owner agrees that an authorized representative of the Organization may enter the property where the said equine resides during daylight hours and without notice to determine if care and welfare conditions of this contract are being complied with completely. Owner understands that should a violation of any of these terms found in this agreement be found and in the judgment of at least two members of the Board of Directors of the Organization such conditions represent a danger to the health and welfare of the equine, Owner hereby authorizes a representative of the Organization to enter the property at any time and without cause or warrant upon the land where said equine resides and take immediate physical possession of said equine without recourse from Owner.
  5. Owner further agrees that, Owner will accept all responsibility for any action or lien resulting from any action, directly or indirectly involving said equine while it is in Owner’s possession and under Owner’s care and control. Therefore, Adopter agrees and understands that neither the Organizations nor its volunteers or agents will be liable for any damages or
    injury caused to Owner or any third person by the equine once Adopter receives delivery of the equine, including but not limited to damages or injuries caused by the fact that the equine does not behave or perform in the manner Adopter expected. Further, if any third person makes a claim against the Organization or any of its employees or agents as a result of any conduct of the equine after Adopter has taken possession of the equine, Adopter agrees to indemnify and hold the Organization, its employees and agent harmless from any such claims, including costs and attorney’s fee resulting from such claim.
  6. Owner may request organization to take custody of the horse, and rescue will make a determination of ability based on budget and capacity.  Rescue is not obligated to reclaim ownership of horse.  Owner is obligated to provide quality care to horse until a suitable home can be identified and a transfer agreement may be signed.
  7. Adopter agrees never to breed the above-described equine for the duration of the equines life. If the equine is bred, the resulting offspring of the equine automatically becomes the property of the Organization and this horse may at their sole discretion take custody of both horse and offspring.
  8. Adopter represents that they have read and agree with all statements and agree to be bound by all conditions contained herein and signed by Adopter.


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