Neglected Stray Pony Joins Harbor Herd

Neglected Stray Pony Joins Harbor Herd

Lil Bae joined the Safe Harbor herd on July 10 after being found as a ‘stray’ by Metro (Nashville) Animal Care & Control in the late night hours of July 9. She was found wandering in the Goodlettsville area of Brick Church Pike. MACC is interested in talking with anyone who may know Bae’s origins or owners. Those with information can call 615-862-7928.

Bae was examined by a veterinarian on the afternoon of July 10. She was found to be a BCS 1, suffering from extreme malnutrition. Her hooves are somewhat overgrown and her coat is in terrible shape due to her neglect. Bae was started on re-feeding protocol to begin her long return to health. She will be vaccinated once her body is stronger. At 20 years old, this pony is really just in her prime of life. Did she escape and leave others in her condition behind? Was she dumped off by someone hoping to avoid prosecution for her condition? We may never know her full story, but we know that she is safe now.

We are accepting donations for Lil Bae’s recovery. If you would like to donate, you may do so here, or by mail at: Safe Harbor Equine & Livestock Sanctuary, PO Box 22, Cottontown, TN 37048. Thank you for your continued support of animals like Lil Bae.

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