Celebrating 2018

Celebrating 2018

You’ve followed us as we worked together this year to save horses like Lil Bae and BritNeigh, invested in training horses like Stella and Eve, rehomed retired racehorses like Henry Gram and DC, and cared for livestock like Thor, Momma Lee, and Peter Porker. We are a 100% volunteer organization, supported by people like you. Whatever your ‘why,’ we thank you. In the final days of 2018, you can still make a tax-deductible donation. You know that a tax-deductible gift to Safe Harbor is the gift of life, and you have our gratitude.

As of December 30, our 2018 successes include:

33 – Horses adopted
4 – Cats adopted
5 – Chickens adopted
2 – Goats adopted
1 – Steer adopted

And, we have three pending adoption meetings this week!

Looking ahead to 2019, we will again be offering a series of educational clinics, a castration clinic to assist stallion owners, community service, and potentially even a horse show hosted by Safe Harbor. We also look forward to our second annual Fall Festival fundraiser in October.

We cannot thank our volunteers, fosters, adopters — and YOU — enough for your continued support.

Happy New Year! 

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